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Sublime Text and Floobits

Sublime Text is a super fast editor with some very nice features. (Check out the slideshow at the link.)

Floobits is a plugin for Sublime (soon for Vim too) which allows collaborative real time editing. Like Etherpad,, etc. but you get you use your local editor rather than a whimpy web editor. That said, you can also edit code in your Floobits "rooms" via the web, or invite others to join your room, etc. so they don't need an editor and plugin, but using it with Sublime is awesome.

Sublime Text 2

Though licensed, it's extremely forgiving. Download for Linux, Windows and OSX and it is fully functional, no expiration. You don't need a key, or an account, etc. Download and use. If you like it you can purchase a license for $70.

Intro and Features:

Great post with screenshots and highlighting some cool points:

Package Control:

Hit shift+ctrl+p for the package control menu

How to get to a Console:

ctrl + `



Installing it with Package Control currently failing, see:

Unzip and put the package in:


or just . .

cd ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages
git clone git:// Floobits

Join one of your Floobits room. Code. Share. Fun.